She Tried It! Weighted Fitness Gloves From Black-Owned Brand Powerhandz


By Brande Victorian

Photo: POWERFIT Training Gloves / Powerhandz

Though many gyms have now reopened across the country, restrictions on classes, what machines you can use, and general fear of catching coronavirus, likely has you still working out at home. As such, you’ve probably built up an enviable home gym by now, but if you haven’t already added weighted fitness gloves to your arsenal, let me put you on.

Two of my favorite types of workouts are weight training, specifically deadlifting, and boxing, so in the past few years, I’ve gotten pretty used to wearing gloves while exercising. Though fitness gloves aren’t required for lifting like they are for boxing, the calluses that started to develop on my hands suggested I needed to invest in a pair, and once I did I could no longer stand lifting without them. Similarly, now that I’ve added weighted gloves into the mix, I can’t imagine going through my workout routine without them either.

Weighted gloves are essentially a training tool that adds up to four pounds of additional weight on the back of each hand for increased strengthening and conditioning. When I was introduced to Black-owned fitness brand Powerhandz, their POWERFIT Training Gloves immediately caught my eye. Sometimes I like to shadowbox with lightweight dumbells in each hand, which can be beneficial for toning but isn’t a very natural movement. Weighted gloves, on the other hand, would give me the added benefit of toning while allowing me to focus more on my technique. And so, I requested a pair to try.

POWERFIT Training Gloves / Powerhandz

The first thing I noticed about the Training Gloves was how durable they felt. The four-way nylon stretch fabric was much thicker than previous gloves I’d tried and I could already tell these would protect against calluses and blisters, as advertised. Plus there’s the added bonus of foam gel that serves as a buffer to keep the palms of the hands smooth. Getting used to the weight did take some time, but I never felt like it was too much, especially when I thought about the benefits.

When it comes to boxing specifically, weighted gloves can help you develop speed, build strength, and increase cardiovascular endurance. While shadowboxing, I notice that I tire more quickly than I did without wearing gloves or using weights which lets me know I’m reaping additional benefit without lengthening my workout time. Gloves are also a safer way to begin adding resistance to your workout routine if you’re a novice, as there’s no risk of dropping a dumbbell or any other object you may be lifting. Because I sweat so much while exercising, gloves have helped me keep a better grip on everything from kettlebells to barbells, which is extremely important when squatting or lifting any amount of weight overhead.

POWERFIT Training Gloves / Powerhandz

Powerhandz’s gloves come in sizes small all the way up to 3XL to ensure a perfect fit which reduces any slipping. I haven’t had any issue with my gloves moving around or becoming loose after longtime wear. The strap at the bottom of the glove also ensures it stays in place while providing additional wrist support, which is extremely important in boxing and weight training. The gloves can also be used for cross-training, cycling, pullups, and any general fitness routine which makes them a great buy no matter where you are in your fitness journey. The fact that they’re the brainchild of Mompreneur Danyel Surrency Jones, CEO and Co-founder of Powerhandz, and her husband Darnell Jones makes the investment that much greater.


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