The black hair industry has come A LONG way when it comes to providing hair that matches the stunningly unique hair textures of black women! In times past, this wasn’t so easy. Most brands on the market did not cater specifically to black women. What was often offered was either a super sleek straight texture or a “Yaki” crinkle texture that didn’t always fit everyone. So the pickings were quite slim to find hair that would blend seamlessly. That is why it is so wonderful and refreshing to see black-owned hair companies such as Natural Girl Wigs flourishing and thriving!

These brands are making waves and proving that sector in the industry that was often ignored; was a bad mistake. Natural hair items are not only viable, but they’re products that black girls and women have been craving for decades. To be able to buy extensions, pieces or units that are truly OUR HAIR. Not just what “western” or “European” standards say our strands should be.

Natural Girl Wigs -Black Hair Pieces and Wigs with Gorgeous Texture!

What makes Natural Girl Wigs better than the competition? For one thing… the selection. This brand offers a plethora of various products that covers a wide range of hair textures.

Honestly, this hair company is like the Fenty Beauty of the hair industry. Why do we make this claim? Well, in makeup Rihanna revolutionized the beauty game by formulating products that would work and work WELL for darker skin tones. The result? Big Money Honey!

Not only did Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty Products sell well; but the success changed the entire industry. Flipped it completely on its head. Suddenly companies everywhere were scrambling to expand their tone ranges. Yet, the question lingered where had these brands been at before? Why hadn’t they done this?

Well, some had, (i.e. Iman Cosmetics) but mostly the industry hadn’t cared. They ignored black women and it took a black woman to fix things. Nevertheless, the same movement is now occurring in the hair industry. Companies that have long been in the hair realm have often ignored the black market.

Now black-owned hair brands are swooping in and saving the day! Gone are the days of having to pick between straight, wavy or sorta curly. Real black textures and types are finally getting their deserved shine.

Got Wig? Girl… They Literally Have Anything You Need!

So what does Natural Girl Wigs offer? Uhm… everything (Lol)! Plus, they make it SO EASY to find what you are after. Like ponytails? There’s a section for that. Desiring a new wig? Yup, there’s a section for that too.

The NGW website is easy to navigate whether on mobile or desktop. Additionally, the pictures used are crystal clear so that there are no surprises with what’s being offered; as well as what you are likely to receive.

We recently had the pleasure of trying out one of Natural Girl Wigs’ units. We were on the lookout for Locs wigs being that they are a MAJOR hair trend right now; and came NGW’s Bohemian Locs Wig. You can read all about it here.

But really, this brand WANTS you to find and get what you need. The company’s mission statement says,

“Natural hair rocks, but styling can be a hassle. We inspire natural hair queens to look their best on their budget with different styles to experiment with. Our goal is to simplify all the cool protective styles you have ever dared to recreate with a bit of pizazz. We are inspired by your kinks and curls.”

And they mean that when they say their goal is to simplify things for you. One other cool thing about Natural Girl Wigs’ website is that it offers a free online quiz. This quiz will help you identify your texture so that you’ll know what to buy!

Natural Girl Wigs -Gorgeous Texture Black Hair Pieces and Wigs

Just to show you what we mean when it comes just how many different products this brand has; here’s just a few of their FABULOUS hair products!

So as you can see, texture is major aspect factor of this brand. Also, we like that there are different lengths available too. Whether you want your look to be long or short; lusciously kinky or gloriously coily, there is a hair product to help you achieve it. In a nutshell you can purchase

  • Hair Extension Clip-Ins
  • Attachable Ponytails
  • Braid Wigs
  • Wefts
  • Hair Closure
  • Kinky / Coily Wigs
  • Twists and Locs
  • U-Part Wigs
  • Bob Wigs

But Wait… There Is More!

One last thing we have to discuss before we wrap up this feature; is that you can really feel that this brand cares about black hair because they also offer hair protection. Hair protection in the form of Satin Bonnets. For $12 or $15 dollars you can sleep with ease and aid hair growth.

They offer a Reversible Bonnet for $15 that has a vibrant African print on one said; and a more conservative solid color on the other. It can be worn either way. Also, if you rather just a regular Satin Bonnet you can just select the one sold for $12.

Nevertheless, why is wearing hair protection so important at night? Well, the sheets may feel good; but depending what they are made out of; they may not like your hair as much. For instance, cotton sheets can not only suck the moisture right out of your strands; but the friction and rubbing all night long can also cause damage.

Therefore, if your end goal is more hair growth and vitality; then you will want to incorporate a Bonnet or Hair Scarf into your nightly hair routine.

Natural Girl Wigs -Black Hair Pieces and Wigs

This brand is quickly earning more and more Hair fans. The products are in demand and the mass are flocking. Natural Girl Wigs have already been featured in Cosmopolitan as well as Essence.

Ready to get your natural hair products? NGW online store is always primed and ready to help! Just head to Happy shopping!


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