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This football season looks a little different due to COVID-19.

While players are used to mania inside the stadium, as the league has chosen to continue its season with limited to no fans, that did not stop the players from grabbing their favorite looks ahead of changing into their uniform each game.

In the past, athletes haven’t had the best reputation when merging style into their profession, and football players reign high on that list. Mostly due to their shape, and the limitation of clothes that provide a comfy fit. But as the league diversifies, better style has started to infiltrate and rub off onto many players.

“I really wanted to create a page that recognizes and highlights football players, fashion, and lifestyle,” exclaimed Moses Anoh, founder of the Instagram handle @Blitzfits – a landing space for everything football and fashion combined.


While scrolling on the Instagram, football players from the entire league can be seen on the page showing off their outfits. Designers worn include Dior, Dries Van Noten, and Supreme to only name a few. “I wanted to build a platform that housed this specific content. Some players even have their own clothing brands, so we wanted to add exposure to those businesses as well,” says Anoh.

ESSENCE got a chance to chat with the sports style connoisseur about the growth of @Blitzfits, player interaction, and whats next. Read below.

ESSENCE: What do you think the common misconception is about NFL players and the way they dress?

As someone who grew up playing football up until college, the common misconception has always been that “football players can’t dress” when compared to other athletes in sports like basketball, soccer, tennis, etc. Although there may be some truth to it, there are a lot of football players such as Jamal Adams, Stefon Diggs, Tyrod Taylor, and Travis Kelce (to name a few) who are killing the game of fashion and are passionate about clothing and style. It is just unfortunate that more of these guys are not being considered in conversations regarding sports and fashion. 

ESSENCE: What made you want to start the page?

I created the page in September of 2019 because I really wanted to create a page that recognizes and highlights football players, fashion, and lifestyle. I wanted to build a platform that housed this specific content. Some players even have their own clothing brands, so we wanted to add exposure to those businesses as well.

My idea was to create a page that would not only challenge the misconception that “football players can’t dress”, but also provide constant fit inspo to our followers. Also knowing football players’ body types compared to other sports (myself being on the larger side), we wanted to also show our followers that “Big Guys” can put together some fits too. I saw this as another opportunity to show players in a different element outside of their helmets and the gridiron. There are a lot of guys in the NFL that are passionate about many other things, including fashion. We hope that this page will give you a glimpse of their versatility. People love sports and fashions, and with this page, fans get to see their favorite players’ fashion sense and lifestyle.

ESSENCE: What are some of the reactions you are getting from players and fans?

Since the beginning of quarantine, Blitzfits’ following has increased drastically. The appeal to players is the recognition for something as exciting as sports. Players repost their features, follow the page, engage in the comments and stories, tag the page, and share other fits via DM’s. Some notable players who have engaged and followed us are Jalen Ramsey, Jarvis Landry, Bradley Chubb, and Miles Sanders. Photographers have also been sending their work featuring players to us for the purpose of sharing their content on the page.

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ESSENCE: Who are some of your favorite best dressed NFL Players?

Tyrod Taylor, Stefon Diggs, Todd Gurley, Alvin Kamara, Anthony Barr, Von Miller, Jayron Kearse, Mike Hughes, Jalen Ramsey, Kwon Alexander, and Trai Turner.

Players to look out for this season who don’t get as much recognition for their style include; Irv Smith Jr, Jeff Okudah, Dare Ogumowale, Zach Kerr, Rodney McLeod, Sterling Sheppard, Will Parks, Eric Kendricks, Christian Kirk, Marcus Allen, Haason Reddick.

ESSENCE: What do you hope Blitzfits turns into?

Blitzfits is not just a logo or a fashion page, but a brand dedicated to showcasing athletes who are changing the narrative of football, fashion, and more. It is a brand that is FOR the players. Fashion will always be the main angle of our brand, but underneath the surface, we wish to create diverse content around the players’ lifestyles as well as give people an impression of who the guys are off of the field and what they are passionate about.


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