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MAY 13, 2020

Well, just knock us over with a face mask! Fenty Skin is on the way and it will be your GO-TO for clean, gorgeous, and glowing skin! What’s on deck and how did this all come about?

Started from a photo now we’re here. Well… kinda. Months ago, Rihanna stirred up much beauty frenzy when she posted a pic of herself sans makeup. Anyone else doing this, probably wouldn’t cause much excitement. However, all true fans of Rih know that homegirl loves to drop a hint or two before a LIFE CHANGING release!

Basically, throughout Rihanna’s history, before every major launch, Rihanna can be seen wearing her upcoming release. From her appearances at The Met to magazine covers; Rih seems to always treat the masses to a sneak peek. Therefore, when the Queen does something out of the ordinary. Us peasants pay attention.

Nevertheless, even before a helpful photo drop, some business was being conducted behind the scenes. Turns out that the skincare thing has been on the ingenious mind of Rihanna since at least early 2019. How do we know?

The United States Patent and Trademark Office’s website holds the smoking gun. According to it, a trademark listed under “Fenty Skin” was filed on March 26, 2019. Bingo.

From that moment on, the wheels were placed in motion. There was just two problems, a when and what? When could consumers expect the official release and what products would be included?

Fenty Skin -Fenty Beauty Skincare by the Fabulous Rihanna!

We can shed some light on all of that; so let’s get to the fun stuff. Now that we know Fenty Skincare is obviously a work in progress. What can lovers of Fenty Beauty and Rihanna expect? Two words: MAJOR PRODUCTS!

Once again going back to the latest trademark registration for the upcoming Fenty Skin; it is revealed that the company and lineup will incorporate “medicated and non-medicated skincare.” This would include soap, body care as well as personal care products; but excludes color cosmetics, perfume, and other fragrance only products.

If that doesn’t already sound amazing enough. The registration also seems to indicate that tools, kits, and applicators will be manufactured! Which is nice, because such items really help to take the guesswork out of skin routines.

Skin routines over the years have gotten more involved and at times… complicated. Don’t believe? Try googling how to have “Glass Skin” then get back to us. Nevertheless, with the ease of use that Rihanna has applied to her super successful cosmetics brand; it’s eagerly arousing to see what helpful items like tools and kits BadgalRiRi develops!

Fans have been anxiously anticipating “Fenty Beauty Skincare.” Several rival brands have already dropped their products into the beauty market pool. With so much saturation can Fenty Skin emerge from the pack?

There’s Room… Fenty Beauty Skincare by the Fabulous Rihanna

Most definitely! First of all, Rihanna has already proven she can sell. Her name, style, persona, and well-formulated products have earned her worldwide trust.

Moreover, besides just being a talented star, Rih has actually already sold TONS of skin related products. From her wildly successful Body Lava luminizer to her lip balm and scrub. Fenty Beauty proves that Rihanna can still carve out a nice piece of the beauty industry pie for herself and purely dominate.

She does this by really listening to her fans and filling in where other brands are too neglectful to investigate. Case in point, Fenty Beauty Foundation that shook the makeup world to its very core due to Rihanna’s initial release of a whopping 40 shades. And just your typical ones either. A full range where light, medium, dark skin, and everything in between were addressed.

Basically, for the first time, black girls and women could find a color that actually blends and doesn’t look ashy. This then influenced other brands to catch up and try to cater to more than just a select few. But the point had already been made. The consumer holds all the cards and is willing to support whoever is willing to truly support them and THEIR needs.

Rihanna still takes great care of her base. We cry for eyeliner. Boom she gives it. We herald a cause for mascara. Ka-BAM now it’s in our makeup bags. With that much attention, we are sure Rihanna’s Skincare line will be just as catering to women’s real skincare needs.

Fenty Skin -The Last Word

That just leaves the last big question. When? Well, as of right now, there is no exact date.

However, Rihanna has finally confirmed that skincare is in fact on the way and it is coming later in 2020. Now that may send chills up fans’ spines (Lol). Especially, since it was promised that an album was coming during 2029 and come December we were all realizing that we had been had (Haha).

However, in a recent exclusive with British Vogue Rihanna confirmed a 2020 release of her album; which gives us confidence in a 2020 release for Fenty Skin. So get ready girls, it’s almost time for our skin to shine like diamonds in the sky!

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