8 Spring Decorating Trends To Liven Up Your Home Decor




 MARCH 31, 2020

With spring in full bloom and most of us spending more time indoors than ever before thanks to COVID-19, now is the perfect time to revamp your space the way you’ve always been meaning to. Inviting new pieces and experimenting with fresh colors, decor, and designs will not only make your space pop but also gives you a fun task to work on to clear your mind during these uncertain times.

And since spring is often about going out with the old and in with the new, it’s time to open up your mind (and your heart) to some of our favorite expert spring home decor trends for 2020.

Infuse bright colors. 

After a long, cold winter, and 48339494 days of quarantine, adding in the bright colors of spring will be a welcome change. “We’re seeing lots of bright, energetic color this season, which feels appropriate as the natural world begins to explode with color after dark, monochromatic winter,” says Melissa Andersen, Director of Marketing at Hygge & West. “Add color with small accessories and textiles, or go bold with a bright wallpaper on an accent wall or in a full room. We’re loving the Emerald and Punch colorways of our PATCH NYC collection for some unexpected (and undeniably happy!) jolts of color.”

Let old school meet new school.

Have you ever walked into someone’s home, and felt as though you’ve stepped back into time? Well, there’s a reason for that. “It’s been happening throughout time, however lately I’ve seen some real attention on interiors that are incorporating the new and old,” says Ben Marshall, Creative Director of Hudson Valley Lighting Group. “Grandmothers’ antiques, flea market finds, and new furniture all live together in spaces that also mix fabrics and patterns. Well done spaces such as these are proving to be very influential in design.”

Use decorative pillows.

For those who are afraid to take the leap of going “big and bold” throughout their entire space — such as walls, couches or furniture — adding a few pops of color in the form of throw pillows will give your place an instant upgrade for spring. Choose from nautical stripes, fancy fringed finishes and rich velvet jewel tones with options such as Pillow Pop to an instant give your room a mood change. It’s the safest and most affordable option for those who want to make a change but are on a budget and/or not ready to change out their entire space.

Use nature as inspiration.

More and more we’re seeing designers “getting back to the basics” with Mother Nature-inspired decor. This neutral and natural palette ignites a feeling of calm (which is needed right about now) through using botanical and earth tones. “Bringing the outdoors in is always on-trend, but especially during the seasonal rebirth that is spring,” says Andersen. She continues, “Not sure where to begin? Look outside your window and incorporate what you see there into your home to create a space that complements—instead of competes with—your view.”

Add playful touches.

Those who have kids know that long gone are the days where you have white, expensive couches or an untouchable living room. A family home is just that — for the family. So why not add a few playful touches that are fun for the kiddos too. GUND has some cuddly creatures that double as room décor – perfect for your child’s room upgrade after spring cleaning.

Use blue accents to add a pop of color.

Pantone never fails at offering key interior design help by announcing the color of the year. Their recent ‘Classic Blue’ selection is no exception. Simply choose a handful of blue (or shades of blue) accessories, and space them strategically throughout your home as it pairs with many other colors. 

Add wallpaper to your ceilings. 

Yes, you read that right. The most recent trend to hit Pinterest and Instagram is one of the biggest design trends of the year. “We’ve been wallpapering ceilings for years, and the trend seems to be picking up some major steam this season,” says Andersen. Choose wisely, however, because whatever design you choose will impact the mood and feeling of the space. “Use a pattern that has no true top or bottom to ensure it looks good from every angle,” she continues. “We especially love our Daydream and Stardust patterns in this application, as they work seamlessly both in layout and thematically. Hot tip: Paint your trim to coordinate with your wallpaper!”

Update bedding with playful sheets.

This year, it’s time to stray away from boring white and grey sheets towards more playful and colorful options. Natural motifs like birds and flowers are simple spring decorating ideas that bring the outside in. Bold shapes and patterns also add a touch of cheerfulness and personality to your bedroom design. Or option for spring pastels from eco-friendly, organic bedding collections such as Citron and Blush from Cariloha and PlushBeds.

SOURCE: https://www.essence.com/

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