Kamala Harris’ inspiring talk with niece goes viral: ‘You could be president’

By M. Lucas-Davis

Image source: Twitter / @meenaharris

Democratic vice presidential nominee Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) has touched the hearts of social media users everywhere following her heartwarming talk with her adorable great-niece.

On Wednesday, Harris’ sister, Meena Harris, founder of the Phenomenal Woman Action Campaign and children’s book author, posted a video on social media of her sister’s recent conversation with her daughter. The two discussed the career path the child might want to take when she grows up. With the quick video, Meena Harris posted details about the content of their hour-long conversation. Now, Harris’ words are now inspiring little girls all over the world.

“This conversation went on for like an hour,” Meena tweeted, adding, “For context, my daughter wants to be both president and an astronaut.”

Meena Harris’ post has gone viral on Twitter and Instagram with many social media users praising her sister for being a role model to young Black women. The viral video has warmed the hearts of admirers everywhere. Many have tweeted their reactions to the inspirational post.

The video comes as Harris is on the brink of becoming the first woman of color to hold the position of vice president of the United States of America. Over the years, Harris has broken down many barriers in her career, but this precedent takes her achievements to uncharted territory.

SOURCE: https://rollingout.com/