Video Marketing has quickly turned into a necessity for businesses today. Most users would rather watch a short and compelling video about a product, service, or company, rather than read lengthy text. This makes video an effective marketing tool, as it can quickly communicate key points to target audiences.

Strong online marketing campaigns incorporate video into the mix.

YouTube revealed that an equivalent of almost 300 hours of video are uploaded to its platform every minute. On the other hand, a total of 100 million Internet users watch an online video every day, according to a study by comScore. Video content will get even more popular, as Cisco predicted that it will make up almost 70% of all global consumer Internet traffic by 2017.

Indeed, video content is becoming more and more significant not just among the general Internet users, but most especially to marketers and customers. For one, 70% of marketing professionals agree that video converts better than any other medium. A study also found that 64% of consumers are more likely to buy a product after watching a video about it.

Now is the best time to attract and engage more potential clients through Video Marketing.

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