White Woman Says Her African Daughters Experienced ‘Worst Racism’ From Blacks

LONG BEACH, CA - JANUARY 24: After frisking a traveler, TSA agent Otwanna Matthews, right, has her latex gloves swabbed by fellow agent Ian Connor at Long Beach Airport on Friday, January 24, 2014. After swabbing the gloves with a cloth, the cloth is then analyzed by a machine that will detect for chemicals or other materials used to make bombs. (Photo by Scott Varley/Digital First Media/Torrance Daily Breeze via Getty Images)

by Stacy M. Brown,NNPA Newswire Correspondent @StacyBrownMedia

With over 50,000 federal employees, the fourth congressional district in Maryland represents the fifth largest number of workers, and Maryland likely counts as the third-largest impacted state by the government shutdown, according to Democratic Rep. Anthony Brown.

“So, I’m hearing about this, like my colleagues, each and every day from my constituents while this shutdown is set to become the longest in the nation’s history,” said Brown, who joined Congressional Black Caucus Chair Karen Bass (D-Calif.); Rep. Bennie Thompson (D-Miss.), and Rep. Barbara Lee (D-Calif.), on a media conference call on Friday, Jan. 11.

The CBC members said they were calling for an end to the shutdown so that workers can again begin to collect their paychecks and critical government services can resume.

During the call, the members discussed the debilitating effects of the ongoing government shutdown as thousands of federal employees are unable to collect their paychecks.

They also denounced President Donald Trump’s threat to declare a state of emergency if Congress refuses to fund a border wall – one in which the president claimed during his campaign that Mexico would pay for.