#MeToo: Touré, Journalist Who Appeared in ‘Surviving R. Kelly,’ Accused of Sexual Harassment

Is the Pot calling the kettle Black?

Fresh off the whirlwind success of Lifetime Network’s controversial “Surviving R. Kelly” documentary, longtime music journalist Touré, one of the many high-profiled contributors featured in the series, has been accused of sexual harassment by his former makeup artist.

The makeup artist who goes by @danimakeup on Instagram called Touré out on another Instagram page where he was pictured with another contributor from the documentary, Jamilah Lemieux, while being congratulated on the show’s success. Dani didn’t waste any time telling other followers of the page about her interactions with Touré.

She wrote: “But @toureshow used to sexually harass me? How [does] that work?”

And that’s when the floodgates opened. The alleged harassment took place in 2017 when the two worked on a TV show. Dani charged that the journalist repeatedly made inappropriate sexually explicit comments and asked extremely personal questions about her sex life.