Hendersonville, NC (July 20, 2020) – By Your Side Legal Services (BYSLS) is the premier app for legal protection at the first point of contact with the police.   After a frightening encounter with local police officers Small Business Owner and Entrepreneur Austin Jambor wondered how much differently his traffic stop experience would have been had he had a full understanding of his legal rights.   Citizens are often unsure of their rights and are under the impression that they are obligated to answer officer’s questions, if detained by an officer under any circumstances.  Having an attorney available at the point of contact would be a game-changer.   It was through an event like this that the idea of By Your Side Legal Services was born.

By Your Side Legal Services is a pre-paid legal application that will be available by membership only and will allow it’s users upon activation, connection with legal representation, access to video and audio recording of the incident, and the right to enforce their 5th Amendment.  The need for such an application and resource have never been more apparent than in recent news headlines providing the nation with the actions or inactions of many individuals in law enforcement during encounters with Black Americans and other minorities.  Although no one is exempt, interactions with law enforcement during traffic stops or encounters on the streets have often been used as fishing expeditions most especially for Blacks and other minorities.  By Your Side Legal Services will provide its members with a sense of security that their rights are protected, and legal representation is as close as the palm of their hands at all times. 

Jambor the creator of BYSL partnered with Black Media Professionals Sharon S. Gordon, CEO and Founder of Urban Trendsetters Television and Media, and Ivory D. Payne, Publisher of The Weekly Press Newspaper in Baton Rouge, LA to finalize the creation and launch of the By Your Side Legal Services App.  “The Black community and other minorities of color have been systematically targeted by some members of their local police departments.  Because of my own experience, I knew that if I could be stopped for essentially no reason and suffer the humiliation and embarrassment of what should have been a routine traffic stop,  I knew that the plight of minorities has to no doubt be doubled. The Black community has suffered greatly due to the harassment and inhumane way they have been treated by certain individuals of many of the countries local police department.   I decided that if I wanted to create a product that would change how police stops are handled, I wanted to work within the Black Community first. Partnering with members of the Black Media just made sense. –states Jambor. 

The By Your Side Legal Services App will begin production in early fall and be available for download in time for the holiday season.  Through an aggressive marketing strategy and crowd-funding campaign the BYSL team will create pre-launch initiatives to include media content distribution, website, and digital newsletter.  “It is our desire that prior to our launch potential members will have access to a website portal that provided tools, tips and resource to keep them knowledgeable about the law and their rights” state Payne. 

BYSLS will launch within the 50 states based upon each state’s laws, regulations, and legal guidelines.  “We intend to work with all Black and Minority-Owned media outlets, community outreach organizations and leaders to establish better relationships among the police and the citizens they are sworn to protect and serve.  Many Black Americans suffer tremendous pain and suffering, mentally, physically, and financially due to a “run-in with the law”.  I am excited to have the opportunity to offer our community a safety net and resources that will enable us to protect ourselves as well as our legal and civil rights.  Together the BYSL team in addition to the APP, create content and programming to support the need for the BYSL APP” states Sharon S. Gordon.

Upon the release, the monthly service fee for the By Your Side Legal Services App is $24.95.   For more information about the By Your Side Legal Services APP visit or visit the BYSL crowd funding campaign powered by Indigo at

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