African American Higher Education Attainment in the US Increasing: Study


A new study released indicates that the level of higher education attainment among African Americans is increasing.

The publication released by the Pell Institute for the Study of Opportunity in Higher Education is a 45-year study about higher education trends in the US with comparison to other nations. It is an effort in finding solutions and opportunity for students with disabilities, those from low-income households and those who migrated from other countries regardless of race or ethnicity.

The Pell Institute for the Study of Opportunity in Higher Education released a study that indicates there is an increase in African Americans who pursue higher education after high school. College degree attainment has increased as well.

It is no surprise that students from higher income families comprise of the majority of students attending private institutions. This goes the same for low-income students who are on scholarships and grants that make up the majority of public institutions. However, regardless of higher tuition fees in the present times and income levels, bachelor’s degree attainment have increased.

The reported also revealed that compared to 1970s, African American high school graduates have increased more than double in college attendance and graduation rates, noted. However, the disparity education opportunities among families in different social classes in the US are still increasing.

The Pell study recommended sixteen strategies to close the higher education gap in the US. One of them is inspire students to reach for a college degree by presenting clear pathways to achieve their goals. Another is to increase funding for low-income students. Pell also recommended for US education authorities to expand certification programs for students that are cheaper and less time consuming than traditional tertiary education. They also proposed free tuition for students in community colleges and the first two years for 4-year courses.

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