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July 26, 2019

Have trouble losing those inner thighs? Or do you have struggles leaning out and slimming down your legs in general? NO WORRIES! All you need is ONE piece of equipment to completely change the look and shape of your legs forever. Good people is time to add Pilates Ring Exercises to our fitness repertoires!

Seriously, give new meaning to leg day. Did You Know? These rings are so effective because they are able to help you strengthen your leg muscles on a much deeper level. Plus, they are not just for your legs. You can get a full-body workout for your upper body, waist, arms and lower body. Therefore, if you are truly ready to give your traditional pilates moves an extra challenge; then the following exercises (that actress Halle Berry swears by) will take your lower body to new heights!

Pilates Ring Exercises -4 Killer Moves to Give You Halle Berry Legs

So what does Halle Berry like most apart this handy piece of equipment? Well in a recent post for Fitness Friday the screen siren revealed,

“Fitness Friday is in SESSION! Ladies, ladies, ladies. You’ve been talking, I’ve been listening and I FEEL you. Inner-thigh strength? A VIBE.

Let me introduce you to my secret weapon… the Pilates ring. When I first started working out with the ring; I can honestly say I hated it. But, once I saw how real the results it provided were; it immediately became my best friend.

The resistance exercises that can be completed with this one piece of equipment is incredible! This baby is anywhere between $10-$30 and let me tell you; it’ll put you to WORK.

It’s super easy to travel with and can offer safe and challenging resistance training just about anywhere. Check [out the following] 4 exercises that will trim those inner thighs and let’s step into the RING.”

Those Exercises She Talked About

Halle Berry’s bod is STILL a 10. So then, if a Pilates Ring is good enough for her; we want what she’s having! Scroll on to see 4 different exercises to tone those legs up.

Credits: Photography lensed by Grant Legan

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