Memorial Day through the eyes of a Black veteran


Through the eyes of a Veteran, Memorial Day has a different feel to it.

By Richard Solomon (WBNS)

Image Doug Bailey

COLUMBUS, Ohio — Memorial Day is a time for many to honor those who served and died fighting for our safety and freedom. 

Through the eyes of a Veteran, the holiday has a different feel to it.  

“Remember during this Memorial Day, about the sacrifice and the discomfort that you might have,” said Doug Bailey, a retired Army veteran. “There were times that we got shot at when we were flying. It’s real when you start seeing bullets, mortars, and rockets, it’s a whole different ball game.” 

Bailey says he loves how the holiday is celebrated, but he said people need to be more understanding; they need the realness of what the war was. Bailey says the sad truth is that many soldiers are handling loss.  

“One of mine, he was a commander down in Korea, and he flew that day, and he and four others got shot down,” he said.  

Even through remembering the loss, Bailey can’t forget about those who paved the way for him.  

Bailey said African Americans hold a prominent role in the American military, from the Buffalo soldiers to the Tuskegee Airmen.  

“African Americans are very important to the livelihood and the capabilities of the military,” said Bailey. 

Many have put on the uniform before him, and others do so long after his time. 

“The military is good, it gives discipline, it gives them the opportunity with whatever skill they’ve learned so they can get out here into society,” said Bailey. 

People turned out in Columbus on Monday to honor veterans at the National Veterans Memorial and Museum. 

SOURCE: 10tv

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