Best-Selling Authors and U.S Army Veterans Unite to Open an Indie Bookstore


May 18, 2020

Qiana Cannon and Ashley Marie Knight, two best-selling authors and military veterans, have partnered to launch a vibrant pop-up store on a Texas military installation called Words Unite Bookstore and Event Center LLP. Their motto is “Words Have the Power to Unite Us All!” It was this very concept that motivated them to come together in unison to bring forth an environment that unites the community through literature.

They say that their collaborative efforts are inspired by their military service, community connections, and the power of influence that great written content has on the population.

The pair comment, “As authors, we found ourselves fighting many battles to gain access to mainstream storefronts to place our books on the shelves. After many trials and errors, we designed a bookstore that not only provided authors a larger allotment of profits for their books but it also became an environment for small businesses to grow together.”

They offer a unique experience for their store’s customers by providing signed copies from the authors of their independently created item purchases. They also provide consignment opportunities for the independently created products made by small business owners that join their store’s inventory.

“Together we aim to positively influence the community at which we will be serving with this business that has a priority focus on community resources, family literacy, authorship, and business development,” the two co-owners say. “Words have the power to unite us all!”

Books can be purchased online and their brand can be followed on both Facebook and Instagram.

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