Who says “WE” don’t do Eco-Friendly Products? 7 Black Owned Business who do!!



Healthy, 100% Organic and Eco-Friendly are not terms that “We” are taught are apart of our community and conversation. But the truth is, a record number of consumers are becoming more health conscious in their buying because of their beliefs that it will preserve the environment or more importantly their personal own personal health. Eco-friendly products are products that are organic products that do not harm the environment in anyway, whether its in the production process or at the time of disposal.

Looking for ways to go organic AND support black owned businesses. Kill two birds with one stone and  check out this list of 7 BLACK OWNED BUSINESSES THAT SELL 100% ORGANIC, HEALTHY, AND ECO-FRIENDLY PRODUCTS.

#1 – True Laundry Detergent: Established in 2012 by three Black entrepreneurs, this Atlanta-based company specializes in eco-friendly laundry detergent. They have over 25 distributors and currently do business in over 18 states throughout the country.

#2 – Gilliard Farms: Located in Brunswick, Georgia, Gilliard Farms is a Black family-owned and operated organic farm that dates back to 1876. The farm has never used chemicals on their crops.

#3 – CURLS, LLC: Entrepreneur Mahisha Dellinger founded CURLS in 2002 in Elk Grove, California. They are a leader in the natural hair care industry and use only certified organic ingredients in their products.

#4 – Blac Minerals: BLAC Minerals Cosmetics specializes in all natural makeup for women of color. All their products are free from animal testing, FD&C synthetic lakes and dyes, phthalates, parabens, sulfates, propylene glycol, benzene, mineral oil, petroleum, peanut oil, triclosan, and other chemicals.

#5 – Ellis Island Tea: Ellis Infinity Beverage Company was founded in 2008 by Nailah Ellis-Brown. Their specialty is Ellis Island Tropical Tea, an all natural, hibiscus tea with a Jamaican blend. The recipe came from the founder’s great grandfather and is now produced in Detroit, Michigan.

#6 – Naturalicious: Founded by entrepreneur Gwen Jimmere, this Detroit-based company produces and sells non-toxic hair care products. They also donate a large portion of their profits to Services to Enhance Potential (STEP), an organization that helps find employment opportunities for men and women with special needs.

#7 – Shea Moisture: This company produces all-natural products for the hair, skin, bath and body products, cosmetics and products for both women and men. The inspiration came from their grandmother, Sofi Tucker, who sold Shea Butter, African Black Soap and her homemade hair and skin preparations.

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