by Dana Givens

Photo: A&C Inc.

Black hair care has become a lucrative business and more Black entrepreneurs have found ways to create more diversity for product selection when it comes to Afro-textured hair. Men’s haircare has also become a fast-growing niche with more black men looking for products to nourish their natural hair. After establishing a name for himself over in the U.K., this Black male entrepreneur is looking to bring his men’s care collection to the U.S. market.

Aaron Wallace is the brainchild of his namesake luxury haircare brand designed with Black men in mind. Wallace started creating his own products and his experiences with customers during his time as a barber. “I was cutting hair daily and having regular conversations with clients, who were mostly Black men,” said Wallace in an email interview with BLACK ENTERPRISE.

“I noticed that many of us suffered from similar issues with our hair and grooming and were finding it difficult to find the best solutions for our hair type. I wanted to change that and created a range of products that would solve those problems.”

Despite the challenges of entering a new, international market, Wallace looks forward to finally bringing his products to the U.S. “It’s been quite a challenge being based in the UK and having such interest from the US, mostly due to the challenges that come with shipping,” says Wallace.

“Shipping costs have been a big hurdle for us as it raises the barrier for our US customers, however, this is something we have now found solutions for so I’m very pleased to now be able to serve our US and Canadian customers…we want to be as accessible as possible and soon you will be able to find us on local shop shelves.”


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