Meet the Man Who Negotiated Lebron James’ Billion Dollar Deal With Nike

LeBron James and his childhood friend-turned-business partner Maverick Carter!

Everyone knows Lebron James the athelete — Cleveland Cavaliers all-time scorer, winner of four NBA MVP Awards, two NBA Finals MVP Awards and two Olympic gold medals. But he is also a successful businessman, and one of his biggest endorsements is with Nike. There is almost always someone behind every successful person, and for Lebron James, that someone is his childhood friend-turned-business partner Maverick Carter!

Started from the bottom, but now…

Maverick started out as a Nike intern working in sports marketing, and ended up working for Lebron as his manager. He considers himself a risk taker, thus the name Maverick fits him well. But he also considers himself a good negotiator. He must be; he just negotiated with Nike for a billion-dollar lifetime contract for LeBron.

According to Maverick, “It’s the largest deal in the history of the company.”

The secret to being a good negotiator

In a recent interview with GQ Magazine, Carter was asked what his secret is to being such a good negotiator. He answered by outlining several important negotiating skills:

* know what you want

* articulate what you want

* know what is important to the other party

* and don’t expect to get everything (after all, it is called ‘negotiating’).

He clearly knows what he is talking about since he is the man behind Lebron James’s billion dollar deal with Nike!

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