Jackie Aina Wants You to Stop Blowing Out Your Scented Candles


The OG beauty guru walks us through her new brand FORVR mood and proper candle care.

By Erin Lukas 


Jackie Aina has come for your makeup bag with her wildly successful collaborations with Anastasia Beverly Hills, ELF, Too Faced, and Artist Couture. Now, the beauty guru wants to help you set the mood as you do your makeup in your bathroom, or simply get your place ready for a romantic night-in.

After a decade of teaming up with some of the beauty industry’s biggest brands Aina has launched FORVR mood, a collection of luxury scented candles at an attainable price point.

“This brand is my way of translating my love of fragrance into my love of candles, Aina tells InStyle. “I’m always talking about burning candles in my content and Instagram Stories. So, when people caught my announcement that this is what my brand was, they were not surprised.”

Aina’s relationship with fragrance stems back to her childhood.

Growing up with hyperhidrosis (a condition that causes excessive sweating), she says she would spend a lot of time reading up on scents to find ones that would work with her body chemistry. Now, she likes have people feeling welcome and good when she comes into her home with the help of scented candles, which is how her idea for FORVER mood came to life.

For Aina, FORVR mood’s $35 price point was everything when she was developing the scents and packaging.

“I’m encouraging people to take better care of themselves by treating themselves to candles,” says Aina. “One thing that really helps me feel relaxed is making my home smell good with a candle. I didn’t want to create a product that is a privilege to have access to, but one that is affordable.”

She went through dozens of samples before landing on her brand’s first, cleverly named, four scents: Matcha Business, Cuffing Season, Caked Up, and Left on Read. The candles are formulated with 100% natural coconut soy wax that burns up to 65 hours and is free of parabens, paraffin, and phthalates.


And to really complete your cozy at-home vibe, Aina is also launching FORVR mood with 100% mulberry silk pillowcases ($49) and headbands ($28), available in pink and champagne.

But whether you’re fruity or floral candle fan, Aina wants you to stop blowing out your scented candle, like, right now.

“I always tell people that blowing out candles is a huge no-no,” she says. “All of the smoke not only leaves soot on the candles and vessels, it’s literally the fragrance letting go. Instead, extinguish it by putting a lid right over the candle when it’s still burning or you can get a candle dipper or stopper.”

Conveniently enough, FOVR mood’s candles come with a lid. Get a walk-through the brand’s first four candles below, including Aina’s favorite scents.

Matcha Business


With scent notes including lavender, hazelnut coffee, matcha, honey, and almond milk, this candle is ideal for slow, indulgent mornings.

To buy: $35; forvermood.com.

Cuffing Season


While all four candles are luxe, Aina says Cuffing Season’s scent makes you “feel like you’re in a hotel.” It includes notes of jasmine, mineral citrus, white cedar, and salty lemon.

To buy: $35; forvrmood.com.

Caked Up


There are sweet candles, and then there is Caked Up. The scent is comprised of roasted pistachio, musk, almond cream, and honey. And, you it doesn’t have to be your birthday to light this one up.

To buy: $35; forvrmood.com.

Left on Read


Aina’s favorite candle changes “every 48 hours,” but right now, she’s been burning Left on Read. The unique scent includes notes of coconut milk, vanilla nuts, and tropical fruit. Aina says it’s perfect for people who don’t like sticky-sweet scents.

To buy: $35; forvrmood.com.

FORVR mood’s candles are available for $35 each or $125 for all four at forvrmood.com.

SOURCE: https://www.instyle.com/

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