How to sell using Automated Webinars


Webinars have gotten more and more popular because they are so effective.  Automated Webinars help people learn more about a specific topic they’re interested in, and increase sales.

There are a few detractors who believe that webinars only cater to the interest of the audiences, and not so much on the business owners and professionals. This belief is mostly because of their failure to see any fruit out of this tactic, something that could have turned out differently if only they knew the following tips that would help people sell more effectively through webinars:

  • Go for a killer title
    You may have prepared your slides well and made sure that every person in the audience would gain more learning than they have ever seen in their lives. But what good is this if you are unable to entice people at the get-go?Webinars that sell are able to capture people’s interests right from the start, and this starts from the title. It’s what people first see before they even sign up for it. Because of this, every piece of ingenuity, every bit of creativity and every parcel of innovation should go into your title. When people hear it for the first time, you would have to hear them say, “Wow! That’s something I want to know more about” instead of them thinking, “That’s something I’ve heard a million times before.”
  • Don’t waste time on fancy introduction
    People want the meat, the substance. It’s not something you can delay, because the more you delay it, the less people will be interested in what you have to sell later on. Stop talking about why you’re doing this, or what you’re doing it for. This is not about YOU, this is for THEM. And what they need is for you to start talking about what your webinar is all about.Remember that the more time you waste on lengthy introductions, the less time you’ll have to transition smoothly into a sales pitch. Because your introduction has already taken up so much time, they would want to get out of there before you even get the chance to say anything about your brand, product, or service.
  • Promise and deliver something new.
    Why would people want to sign up for something that’s going to tell them something they already know? Your title probably caught their attention well enough to make them register to attend your webinar, but if you are only good at catching their attention, then all this will be a complete waste of everyone’s time.
    Promise something they have never heard before, then deliver on that promise. Find ways to innovate. Do thorough research on things that have never been tackled before. Find out what everyone else is doing and find that odd thing that only you can do. Once people see that you truly are different, then they would definitely put more thought into what you brand can do. If you are able to come up with a truly unique, informational webinar, then you must be capable of putting together a truly unique useful product or service.
  • Have a strong call-to-action
    A lot of people who host webinars focus too much on their webinar’s ability to help people find out more about a certain topic. What they forget, is their need to get these people to sign up for something, to buy something, or to commit to something.
    When you create your webinar, make sure you also think about what call to action to use to get people to do what you really intend to do. Think about your topic and connect it to your call to action.One great way to do this is to offer your product or service as a quicker solution. If, for example, you talked about how to make interesting webinars, quickly link that to your content creation service in the end, telling them that should they be challenged in creating a webinar of their own, you can actually create one for them faster than they can do so themselves.
  • Give your audience time to think and absorb
    Some hosts ramble on and on in their webinars, thoughtful about avoiding any possible dead air the moment the webinar starts. But sometimes, this dead air actually helps.Dead air can be used to make your audience think. When you deliver a thought-provoking statement, pause. Let them absorb that thought for a few seconds. When you offer a challenge, pause. Give them time to let that sink in.
    When you leave enough room for your audience to think, you also leave room for them to strengthen their trust and belief in you. This, in turn, will make them more eager in the end to buy any product you’re selling

Truly, webinars have gone a long way from being a mere informational resource to now being a great tool for selling your stuff. Before, people signed up for webinars because they knew that they could learn something out of it. Today, people can actually sign up for webinars and find quicker solutions to their issues and problems.

You, as the webinar’s host, has the responsibility to offer these solutions to them. This is something that you can do through the product or service that you’re selling.

So jump off from that train that fills you with doubt and fear about transitioning from the informational part of your webinar onto the selling part of it. Don’t be threatened by the failure that a lot of others have experienced. Focus on those who have actually stood by the power of webinars and have proven that indeed, webinars are an awesome way to sell your brand, product or service. Lastly, be confident in your own name. Let your audiences see who the real expert is. With more confidence in yourself, you are better able to deliver the information you want to share. This then empowers you to deliver your sales pitch better as well.

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