Founder Ti Taylor Became A Millionaire In 5 Months After Cracking A Skincare Secret


At first she tried to fix her own skin, then she got rich.

By Tweety Elitou

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When it comes to confidence, Atlanta sweetheart Ti Taylor appears to have plenty of it. And we would too. if we accomplished what she did! Taylor became an accidental beauty mogul when she turned her breakout woes into a successful business to help fellow WOC struggling with acne.

As one-half of the popular girl duo The Taylor Girlz, the 21-year-old quickly became a social media star—along with her sister, Daysha Taylor—when their music videos, “Steal Her Man” and “Wedgie” went viral and caught the attention of record company, RCA.

With over 2.4 million Instagram followers, Ti recently made a major bankable move when she ventured into the beauty business and created Underneath Skin Care,a cleansing line that aids in healing the skin from acne. 

“I’ve dealt with acne most of my teenage and early adult life, at least 10 years,” the rapper tells BET Digital exclusively. “I had a number of procedures to try and clear my skin. I did chemical peels, extraction, micro-needling, and top of the line facials weekly. Nothing seemed to work. Next thing you know, I spent close to $22,000.”

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A lot of people of status don’t touch on sensitive matters like this simply because they only want you too see what they want you to see. So Im going to show y’all the real. This is what’s under the make up and behind the filters 😔 This was my biggest insecurity that I hid from the world for 10yrs. I battle with acne, black heads, craters, hairy face, Etc. No dermatologist or doctor could help. I even went to the hospital and still was unable to fix my skin. I had gotten to a point where I gave up and just accepted it. So fast forward 2019. A problem I battled with for 10 yrs was now cleared up in 3 months with “ORGANIC” non chemical based products. So I’m here to tell you today you are not alone and I have a solution.!!! I’ve invested my own money to mass produce exactly what I used on my face. So you can now use it in the comfort of your own home. I present to you @underneathskincare AVAILABLE For Purchase Now ‼️

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Ti mentioned that everything the dermatologists did was temporary. “It would only calm my acne, but never fixed the issue,” she shares. “And it only got worse when I would wear makeup to cover it. It [makeup] created hundreds of blackheads that eventually became embedded in my skin.”

After countless visits to the dermatologist, extensive research, and trying at-home remedies, the natural beauty turned to prayer for answers. No sooner, she realized that it would take patience to find the right formula that would transform her skin miraculously. “I saw results in the first week,” she tells us. “I still use the formula today because it acts as a shield over your face to protect it from acne, oil buildup, clogged pores, and dead skin. It’s basically a facial in a bottle.”

When it comes to creating Underneath Skin Care, it’s not just about becoming a rich girl. She wanted people to experience the glow-up that helped restore her confidence to be makeup-free. “I love how it deeply cleans and exfoliates my skin giving it the glow everyone desires. It literally happened right after the first use.”

So far, the proof is in the pudding because Ti has been counting her coins to the tune of a little over a million dollars in less than six months. “When I started this journey, it was never to be a millionaire,” Ti explains. “It was to clear my skin and help others clear theirs as well. To be able to become a millionaire and help others get over their skin insecurity is a blessing. The money is great, but you have to love what you do,” she concludes. 

What’s next for the budding beauty mogul? Ti also shared that Underneath Skin Care will soon have a product that addresses body acne. 

In the meantime, she offers these tips to BET readers looking for a fresh face this summer: 

  • Wear as little makeup as possible.
  • Be consistent with your skincare routine.
  • Wash your face daily.
  • And never sleep in makeup!

Well said. 


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