Entrepreneur Creates Coupon Program For Black-Owned Businesses to Compete With Groupon


Danielle McGee, CEO of Black Business Boom

Nashville, TN — While many startups and small businesses struggle with building customer loyalty, Black-owned businesses must work even harder because of negative stereotypes. One common misconception is that all Black-owned businesses lack quality customer service. Danielle McGee, founder of Black Business Boom, believes we must create actionable ways to dispel the myths and bridge the gap between Black-owned businesses and consumers.

BlackBusinessBoom.com, a growing e-commerce marketplace for Black-owned small businesses, has launched a new mobile app to help build loyal customers and drive revenue. Merchants will have the opportunity to grow their businesses by offering coupons and incentives to customers across the United States. The Boomin’ mobile app, which launches on October 1, is available for download on both iOS and Android.

“It’s not enough to motivate consumers to support Black-owned businesses through social movements,” says Danielle McGee, Black Business Boom CEO. “It’s critical that Black business owners understand how to retain customers and have access to resources that will help them excel in today’s marketplace.”

The Boomin app features approximately 400 product and service-based businesses across various categories such as food, health and beauty, home and auto, and lifestyle and activities. Business owners can register at three different price levels with numerous benefits including higher conversion rates, improved brand loyalty, better customer satisfaction and increased brand awareness. With customized loyalty programs, customers can earn rewards and get better value while supporting their local economies.
“I started Black Business Boom because Black-owned businesses typically have less access to funding, which consequently limits their ability to spend money on marketing,” says Danielle McGee. “Our platform is an affordable way for small business owners to generate revenue while attracting loyal customers.”

In addition to coupon distribution and loyalty programs, Boomin also offers location-based marketing. Through this campaign strategy, mobile app users can receive alerts about nearby Black owned businesses featured on the app. There alerts also notify app users about sales, events and promotions from nearby Black-owned businesses. This is an effective way to increase foot-traffic to brick and mortar stores. The app is completely free for consumers, and pricing for merchants start at only $4.99 per month.

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