Citywide Entrepreneur Leadership Academy to provide Owner-Entrepreneurship Education


Entrepreneurship and business ownership can solve youth unemployment, decrease youth crime and recidivism, spur economic growth and rescue low-income communities.  Owner-entrepreneurship education empowers young people to make well-informed decisions about their future, whether they choose to become entrepreneurs or not. They become aware of five assets that every individual has: time, talent, attitude, energy and unique knowledge of their communities. They learn to use these assets strategically as they move along in their careers — which may include creating businesses and jobs, and building wealth in their communities.

Local entrepreneur and small business owner Alpha Tonger believes that he has the solution for the next generation of youth that are in search of possibilities and opportunities as a way up or out; entrepreneurship education or business ownership.

“The studies have shown as we all know, increasing small business ownership and entrepreneurship is crucial to the growth of the American economy.  Since this is the case, why aren’t we teaching every high school student in this country how to start and operate a small business? Citywide Entrepreneur Leadership Academy (CELA) will be that school and we will graduate success stories of youth that will show what can happen if given a second chance and opportunity to do something great if but only to support yourself, your family and then your community.  That is economic development” states Alpha Tonger, Co-Founder of CELA.

Citywide Entrepreneur Leadership Academy (CELA) is scheduled to open for the 2017-2018 school year.  The intended location of the first CELA will be 1573 Cleveland Ave., Columbus, Ohio 43211(Linden Community). CELA will serve at risk youth ages 14-22 (grades 9 thru 12);  high school dropouts; those at risk of dropping out of high school due to academic reasons; students who are coming out of incarceration; and students with at risk behaviors such as drug use, extensive absenteeism, brushes with crime, and disruptive behaviors in class.  The goal is to run a fairly moderate program that will enable prospective students to receive the attention they deserve.

This self-paced instructional environment will create a clear path towards attaining a high school diploma, college enrollment, business ownership and/or employment through world class leadership and entrepreneurship education. CELA will emphasize the total development of each student’s moral, intellectual, social, emotional, and physical well-being.

The CELA academic program will include a very solid entrepreneurship and leadership curriculum in both theory and real life simulations. The reading and math curriculum will be aligned with the Ohio Common Core and science and social studies will be aligned with State and National Content Standards.

The Citywide Entrepreneur Leadership Academy (CELA) is currently accepting pre-applications.  For more information or questions regarding CELA send inquiries to




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