Black Medical Student Writes Book About How Symptoms Look on Darker Skin

By EURPublisher01

Photo: Malone Mukwende

*A 20-year-old black medical student in London is revolutionizing medicine after noticing “a lack of teaching about darker skin tones, and how certain symptoms appear differently in those who aren’t white,” he told The Washington Post.

Malone Mukwende, who recently completed his second year of medical school at St George’s, University of London, decided to address the issue himself by writing the book “Mind The Gap: A Handbook of Clinical Signs in Black and Brown Skin.” It details the clinical presentations of diseases and their differences as they appear on melanin-enriched skin. Malone realized early in his studies that current medical literature was insufficient for diagnosing diseases that would otherwise affect vast numbers of darker-skinned people, leading to misdiagnosis.

With his book he’s hoping to save countless lives.

Below, watch an interview with Mukwende and see an example of how a condition presents differently on black and white skin.