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Kelly Armstrong, CEO

Kelly L. Armstrong, CEO/Founder

Be Whole Financial Enterprise assist their clients in repairing their credit score and creating a workable monthly spending plan. Be Whole Financial Enterprises offers a FREE one-on-one private consultation complete with an analysis report.

Our services include preparing and distributing letters on our client’s behalf, as well provide guidance and education on financial literacy. Our monthly follow up sessions our provided to be make sure we are on the right track and getting results.

As a full financial service, Be Whole Financial Enterprise partners with loan officers, car dealers, realtors, insurance agents to ensure complete and total financial success of our clients.

Kelly L. Armstrong is the Founder of Be Whole Financial Enterprise LLC.  The business was birthed out of her desire to help clients get out of the Credit (Financial) Hole in order to Be Whole.  After having various challenges within the corporate work setting, her spirit led her to entrepreneurship and Be Whole Financial Enterprise was born.

At the age of 20 Kelly faced what many of us deal with today, DEBT. In her life experience she has had to face the realities of corporate downsizing while employed at a Fortune 500 corporation with a 6-figure salary to 12 months of severance pay.   It was through these experience with financial issues along with prayer, biblical teaching, systems, and strategies she herself created; she was able to turn her life around.   It was at this time she decided to share her knowledge with others and started teaching practical financial literacy to others.  Kelly believed that because the systems worked for her, they could and would work for others.

Kelly’s mission is to reach and teach as many people as possible how to Be Whole within their Finances (Credit) so that they can experience the benefits of excellent credit and live life a life of financial freedom and fulfillment.

Kelly is a member of Rhema Christian Center and serves as Deacon, Ordained Minister, and Director for several different ministries. Kelly uses her gift of teaching in different ministries at her church.

Kelly received her Bachelor of Science Degree in Mathematics from Ohio University in Athens, Ohio. Kelly is single and has two beautiful parents, Donald and Frances Armstrong who live in Newark, Ohio and one amazing sister, Tracy and a four-legged brother, Pippy who has gone on to doggy heaven.

Kelly’s motto for life comes from Matthew 6:33, “But seek he first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.”


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