White vs Entrepreneurs of Color

Alberto Marzan, Founder and CEO, AfroLife.TV (PRNewsfoto/AfroLife)
Alberto Marzan, Founder and CEO, AfroLife.TV (PRNewsfoto/AfroLife)

Follow the entrepreneurial journey of Alberto Marzan

LOS ANGELESDec. 27, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Founder and CEO of Press Media Group and AfroLifeAlberto Marzan is an innovator set to transform the global streaming and OTT marketplace. Recognized throughout his career as an agent for change and strategic growth, in 2015 Marzan’s passion for impact led him to create a destination where consumers of color can call home. Marzan had a vision: to revolutionize the way content aimed at people of color is licensed, distributed and shared on a global scale. Marzan leads with forward-thinking strategy but is propelled by his passion for culture and connectivity—a fire that was ignited in him as a child.

Marzan decided to share his personal and important entrepreneurial story because of what many in and out of his position already know to be true; that white entrepreneurs are funded at a much higher rate than entrepreneurs of color and women entrepreneurs. His goal is to empower men and women traveling through this journey no matter what side of the color or gender card they are on.

“The access to information is no longer a road block but the access to cash still is. You see, in order for us to be in the circles where sophisticated investors live, entrepreneurs of color and women also need to live there. This poses a challenge for many of us that happen to not come from those circles or have that access. Most of us need to hustle our way into that space to even have a chance to sit at the table. This is what I call connected identification; if you don’t have it you will become another statistic” says Marzan.

You can follow his journey at www.albertomarzan.com for his weekly updates and keys to successfully navigating the investment landlines.

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