Not Who You Think! Find Out Who Really Got Tamar Axed From ‘The Real’


John Justice-BET/Photo-Zap2itBy now, you probably have heard that Tamar Braxton has been cut from daytime panel talk show The Real. While there has been major speculation as to who the singer says “betrayed” her, potentially leading to her getting fired, new reports show it may not have been any of her co-hosts, after all.

 According to The Jasmine Brand, all four remaining co-hosts were blindsided by the news of Tamar’s departure. A source said they were completely left in the dark and are devastated by the news since they all truly got along behind the scenes. The ladies allegedly didn’t even know a show-issued statement was being put out to the public.

Also, even if the remaining hosts banded together to stop this decision from moving forward, they couldn’t since they each have their own individual contracts, which causes them to have different compensations and different contractual lengths with the show.

While there are no more episodes left  to be taped for the current season — they are currently on hiatus until August — sources say the decision to cut Tamar was strictly on the shoulders of the executive producer of the show,Rachel Miskowiec, who has been in the position since 2015.

With Miskowiec being labeled as the one who made the executive decision to give Tamar the boot, fans are still asking why. Well, according to more reports, Tamar did not perform well with focus groups and her relationship with production was strained, with some reports saying she was even difficult to work with.

As of now, sources claim Warner Brothers has not decided just yet if they plan on filling Tamar’s seat with another host or keeping the ladies as a foursome.

Check out Tamar and her sisters talking about the Toni Braxton biopic during happier times on The Real above.

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