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Building your list is key to today’s online marketing and promotion.   Online marketers generally pay up to six dollars ($6)  for qualified email address.  If you haven’t started collecting your customers and clients email address…. you need to start IMMEDIATELY!


The key to online marketing is to build a “list” of contacts that includes your customers and prospects. Lead Capture or Landing Pages are the easiest most efficient way to build this list.   Urban Trendsetters with the use of our all-in-one marketing solutions OfficeVP enable you, amongst other things, to quickly build a webpage (landing/lead capture) that showcases your product or service offering and includes a lead capture (contact) form. Once the contact information is captured with the eMarketEngine tools, you can then easily design a customized email marketing campaigns with autoresponders directed at your qualified list.   Using a competitive offer would require using at least 2 or more services from separate vendors and would cost you significantly more per month.

UTS along with OfficeVP’s emarketEngine has several other components that integrate into a complete marketing tool kit: video publishing, personalized video messaging, web template publishing, email campaigning, and more, all of which proved one easy to use solution for all of your online marketing needs.

Using UTS and OfficeVP’s advanced integrated marketing platform has numerous benefits including:

Automated sales management process

All-In-one cost effective marketing

Personalized video messaging for better relationships with prospects and customers

All of which lead to increased sales and lower costs for your business.



A lead capture page is nothing more than a form asking for a person’s contact information. As you can see from the adjacent graphic, this webpage has a video that explains the user’s product or service and a form for the prospective customer to fill in. Advanced marketing platforms like OfficeVp’s eMarketEngine facilitate.


Use for Social Media Post

The ability for the user to create and automate the flow of information directly from the lead capture form into the sales pipeline. Once your pipeline is in palace, you simply promote your offering with the use of autoresponder and other campaigning tools and the system does the rest.



An autoresponder is simply an automated email based upon an event. Most often an autoresponder or automated email response is generated when an email gets added to a list. As shown in this graphic, when someone fills out the form their contact information will be added to a list. Once added, the autoresponder email or series of emails get sent over a specified time frame.  Autoresponders are effective tools to automate the sales campaign process because, as advertisers tell us, it takes at least seven impressions before information “sticks” with a prospect. Using our autoresponder and email campaigning tools, you can design a series of sales emails that will automatically generate once a person enters their contact information.

At Urban Trendsetters we give you options. We can create a lead capture folder and contact list to help you create a data base of unlimited contacts or we can assign you your own personal account and you can manage your list within your organization. For the DYI approach register for your UTS OfficeVP Online Marketing Suite for $1.00 / 1 Month Trial today and try all of our EMarketing Engine products.


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