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Portrait Of Extended Family Group In Park
We celebrate the African American Family and Community 247/365 

The demographics of the Urban Trendsetters News Magazine and Media Group represent African Americans, Black Americans in America as well as those that support the community.  We recognize that the diversity of a community is the heart of the community.

The unique opportunity for engaging African-American consumers lies in a company’s ability to make that consumer feel connected, respected and reflect them as a viable consumer of a product. While African Americans are voracious consumers of media such as television, radio, and print, many companies assume that because there are no language barriers, there is no need to advertise to Black audiences through African-American media outlets. This Is a missed opportunity for companies, who can use such outlets to reach Black consumers in trusted environments where Blacks see themselves most often reflected. Consider the following facts on Blacks perceptions on advertising. –Source Nielsen

91% believe that Black media is more relevant to them 81% believe that products advertised on Black media are more relevant to them

77% believe that Black media has a better understanding of the needs and issue that affect them

73% believe that Black media keeps them in touch with their heritage 68% want to see more commercials directed specifically at Black audiences

67% want to see more advertising targeting Black consumers

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