AT&T Pays Homage to USBC and Honor’s Black History Month

Booker T. Washington

DALLAS, TX – AT&T celebrates acclaimed actress, writer and activist Ruby Dee along with past and current black trailblazers with this year’s AT&T 28 Days throughout the month of February. AT&T will also highlight 3 groups that support the community: National Action Network, U.S. Black Chambers Inc., and the National Urban League.

The US Black Chambers Inc. (USBC) is honoring Black History Month by profiling past and present Black entrepreneurs. Each day the USBC will utilize it’s social media channels to highlight a Black entrepreneur. Today, the USBC honor’s Booker T. Washington. In the words of the Booker T. Washington:  “It is easily seen, that if every member of the race should strive to make himself the most indispensable man in his community, and to be successful in business, however humble that business might be, he would contribute much toward smoothing the pathway of his own and future generations.”

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