Last Weekend A DJ Saved Our Lives: How DJ D-Nice Played From His Heart, Made History and Began A New Chapter

It’s true. Last weekend a DJ saved all of our lives. On Saturday night, just when the nationwide quarantine seemed to be making many people restless and stressed, hip-hop icon DJ D-Nice answered the call and spun an epic 10-hour live set on Instagram on Saturday night that will forever go down in the internet history books as one of the greatest digital parties of all time. Michelle Obama was there. Will Smith slid through. And the list goes one. Oprah bought a round of drinks. Janet Jackson and Ava Duvernay stopped by to dance. Even presidential hopefuls like Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders couldn’t resist getting in on the fun. Close to 100,000 clubgoers came together that night to dance, sing and feel good together at #clubquarantine, a party that began with D-Nice spinning for a couple of hundred fans and close friends just days before and quickly catapulted into the most-talked-about party of the weekend. It was a spiritual moment.

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