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Spring 2019 Specials –
BAM! – Brand. Advertise. Market.


Join Urban Trendsetters and our media partners as we celebrate Minority Health Month with our weekly Fit & Trendy Health and Wellness Tips. As a Fit & Trendy Tipster your company will have the opportunity to promote
Minority Health awarness to over 500,00 household, listners, readers and viewers in Central Ohio’s.

Urban Trendsetters is your number one source for minority outreach and promoting your diversity and inclusion message. We haver partnered with the top media brands in the country to create a campaign that will give your Spring Outreach Campaign more BAM! for your Bucks!


In additon to your display AD or busines spotlight in the Urban Trendsetters News Magazine April issues (2) you may also be featured on TV and on radio. Our weekly Fit & Trendy Tips will air over 100 times per week throughout several outlets in Central Ohio. This partnership includes local broadcast channel WCSN TV 32 affiliate networks (Urban Trendsetters TV, OH Teve (Latino), Dalmar (Somali), Spectrum network affiliates (BET, TV ONE, Lifetime, BRAVO, ESPN, MSNBC, OWN, and VH1), iHeart Radio, Radio One Columbus, LaMega (Latino), and WVKO (Gospel) .

Multiple Months and Media Outlet packages are available for you to choose from. Packages range from $14,997 – $149. For more information download our media guide here or contact us today at 614-526-8871.

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